At our AGM last November, I announced my decision to retire from NottsWatch after six years of extremely busy roles (initially Secretary followed by Chair). I gave notice until the end of the financial year so that I could fulfil my obligations to NottsWatch – essentially our projects agreed with the office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (19-20 funding) and Nottingham Trent University (Service Learning). Our April 3rd Quarter 4 meeting will be my final NottsWatch meeting.

The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team is releasing more call blockers for the general public on Friday 13th March 2019 at 9am. These were a huge success last year and they ran out very quickly. Applications can be made through their website:

Molly Steward from the Nottinghamshire Police’s Cyber Protect & Prevent team has provided NottsWatch with the following update around Cyber Prevent work (now rebranded as Cyber Choices):

We’ve been delivering inputs in local Alternative Education schools and educating them on the Computer Misuse Act. We’ve had really positive feedback from the schools, and this is something we intend to continue doing. Next term, we’ll also be doing Computer Misuse Act inputs with all of our Mini Police schools. The intention is, if we can educate the Mini Police, they can then share this information with the whole school. We’ve also got a few assemblies planned in other schools in Nottinghamshire.

This week I have heard from Lesja who was inspired to become a Scam Marshall following scammers targeting her daughter. She helps keep her friends and neighbours aware of the many scams and also looks after their properties when they go on holiday.

The Woodhouse Park Residents Association recently held an event to support Bilborough foodbank and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of our residents who donated over 600 items and donations are still coming in now. The foodbank is one of our chosen charities that we will continue to support in the local community.

I reported, a fortnight ago, about the collaborative projects the second year Criminology students have taken on to support NottsWatch.This week, it was my turn to sit back and listen to the students present their plans to me, my co trustee, Dick Wilson and their lecturer, Elliot Doornbos and Service Lead, Andrea Lyons-Lewis.

At our recent AGM I spoke of the work that we are doing in collaboration with our universities plus councils. NottsWatch's idea for a Student Watch became a collaborative project that has created a Community Ambassador role. This has been led by Farah Khan, Student Action Officer at Nottingham City Council. She will be hosting an induction for the students who have signed up on Tuesday.

Our newsletter Editor, Jozef Doyle, has issued seasonal newsletters since joining our Comms team in 2018. To view our latest edition, click Autumn Newsletter 

This edition features:

  • Area spotlight: Students of Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University
  • Seasonal Photo Competition (see the winning picture above)
  • Bad weather guidelines
  • Tech & Tea sessions
  • Scam Warning Signs and Tips on how to avoid them
  • Remembrance Sunday vigils across Nottingham
  • New Blog stories including biodiversity in the park

And much more

We are so excited to have a new space to call home.

We officially launched our move into the Basement at 38 Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AQ on Tuesday 12 November with a Welcome Day.

The afternoon was filled with activities with a recycling theme, including making Happiness Bags – a mini workshop we run at community events – and making Keyrings – one of the activities we do our Tiger Activity Café at Bakersfield Community Centre on Tuesday mornings.

Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch, trademarked and known as NottsWatch®, held it’s AGM at Dunkirk Community Centre yesterday. Rather than the usual combined Conference/AGM the team decided to host an ambititious full day Common Ground Conference in the summer and a low key, informal AGM in the autumn. 

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