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Tech & Tea project

This project came about through the NottsWatch Chair, Sue Sambells, meeting the founder of Good Vibes, Gina Harbottle at a Community Organiser’s event in Mansfield on March 2018. Gina, with the support of Rob Bryant from the Notts CC Age Friendly Team, had launched an informal drop in session at Tesco’s café in Beeston. Both knew how useful these free sessions are by providing practical, technical help to individuals plus a friendly ear. Together, they hoped to extend across the county/city plus establish a register including established groups.

Sue and Gina discussed their proposed scheme with Toni Jarvis, Member Pioneer with the Co-op at a Beeston Community Organiser’s meet up in the July. Toni was happy to provide venues. Needing tech savvy volunteers, Sue contacted the two universities then arranged for a stakeholder meeting. All met, including Inspire, Trading Standards and Age Friendly on 14September 2018. Everyone could see the benefits but NottsWatch (being a small number of volunteers) were unable to offer the support the universities required. Just as it seemed there wasn’t a workable solution, Andrea Lowe from Inspire (libraries) offered to speak to her senior management team. She believed they had the necessary resources.

Consequently, through this collaborative work with Inspire, four pilot schemes have been established at the libraries in Beeston, Mansfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield and now West Bridgford:






Every Monday


14th Jan 2019

Mansfield Woodhouse

Every Friday


4th Jan 2019


Last Saturday in the month


26th Jan 2019

West Bridgford Every Tuesday 2.00-3.00pm

16th July 2019

If you would like to volunteer to join the team at one of these libraries, see details on Inspire's website (click the logo above) and complete their online form.

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