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Neighbourhood Watch representatives formed local, county and regional groups and in 2007, with the support of the police and the Home Office, the first national umbrella organisation for the movement was established.

In 2012 they were honoured to be awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award.

Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network had a rebrand in 2016 and in December 2017, NHWN became a CIO - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation - and changed its name to the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN).

NottsWatch have worked closely with NWN since Lianne Taylor, previously appointed as Head of Membership and Community Engagement, supported our team to become more relevant to today’s crime trends and police force’s targets. Lianne is now a trustee for NottsWatch.

David Huse, Chair since November 2017:

"I want to build on the proven success Neighbourhood Watch has had in lowering crime and develop a wider new vision that reflects the changing face of crime in Britain today. My aim is to make our movement even more relevant in modern Britain and to support our members to help address those new and emerging issues.”

NWN Trustees

David Huse, OBE - Chair of NWN Board of Trustees

Rachel Griffin - Vice Chair of NWN Board of Trustees

Joe Pearce – Treasurer of NWN Board of Trustees

Jessica Taplin – Trustee & Youth Engagement Lead

Derek Pratt – Trustee & Secretary of NWN Board of Trustees

Kirsty McHugh – Trustee & Government Policy Lead

Ken Pease OBE – Trustee & Impact, Evaluation & Research Lead

Alison Braganza – Trustee and Fundraising Lead

Alison McWhinnie – Trustee, NWN Membership

Craig Cox – Trustee, NWN Membership

Kardaya Rooprai – Trustee, NWN Membership

Central Support Staff Team

John Hayward-Cripps – Chief Executive Officer

Jayne Pascoe – Strategic Partnerships Director

Michael McClure – Finance and Governance Manager 

Robin Newman – Head of Membership and Community Engagement

William Murphy - Senior Communications and Digital Manager

Amy Mawby - Head of Fundraising

Kathleen Cunningham – Central Support Team Administrator

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