Our Police & Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping, has supported NottsWatch financially since it took charitable status in 2014. Additionally, he has supported us practically by speaking at each of our conferences since his appointment in 2012.


Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch (NottsWatch®) have been fortunate to have received practical support from Nottinghamshire Police for many years. This relationship was formalised in 2016 when the force signed a Service Level Agreement with Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch.

Citizens in Policing Department (CiPD)

CiPD Issue bi-monthly newsletters covering the work of the force’s 400+ volunteers who work with Local Policing Teams to help keep Nottinghamshire safe. There are also regular updates from Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch, the force’s Partnerships Team and the recently introduced ‘Mini Police’.

Chief Inspector, Sukesh Verma, Lead for CiPD and Helen Ridley, Partnerships Officer offer practical support to NottsWatch.

Email: Notts Police Cybercrime Unit  Click for their page on the Notts Police Website

NottsWatch Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cyber Protect & Prevent Officer

kirstyjacksonKirsty also forms part of a regional collaboration under the direction of EMSOU connecting all local forces who are aiming to deliver Cyber Protect strategies across the East-Midlands.

Cyber Protect includes working proactively within communities and with organisation’s providing advice with protecting from Cybercrime. Their mission for Nottinghamshire and the region is to    respond to all Action Fraud referrals ensuring victims of Cybercrime are protected moving forward regardless if there is an investigation or not.

NottsWatch Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Fraud Protect Officers.

They receive reports of fraud from a number of different sources, one of those being Action Fraud. They have been working on a project called Operation SIGNATURE which aims to identify        vulnerable victims of fraud throughout Nottinghamshire. The most high risk vulnerable victims will then receive a personalised fraud protect visit, where we will discuss the type of scam they’ve    encountered & educate them going forward, increasing their knowledge and awareness of fraud & different types of scams.

Part of their role is also to work pro-actively throughout Nottinghamshire, to help prevent individuals from falling victim in the first place. They have been doing this by simply trying to reach as many people as they possibly can, through social media scam alerts, attending events, putting leaflets in various locations & doing radio shows.


Schools Early Intervention (SEIO)

Richard S

Chief Inspector Richard Stapleford is the SEIO Lead

To read more about the work the SEI Officers do, click below:

Newsletter issued February 2019

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