Multi Scheme Administrator (MSA) Plan 02.02.20

The following plan is guidance put together to supplement VISAV's guidance to support new MSAs and ensure consistency within our Community Team.

1. What is an MSA?

       MSA Guidance states the role includes:

  • Correct Comms Issues and Incommunicados
  • Identify schemes within your area that have not been mapped.
  • Identify schemes within your area that do not have a coordinator registered on the system.
  • Approve schemes within your area
  • Deal with user queries

2. Where can I obtain VISAV guidance?         

           VISAV Helpdesk for MSA Guidance:

      VISAV guidance

      Also see General Neighbourhood Alert Guidance for Scheme Administrators

If any of you need any assistance, VISAV can be contacted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By phone to 0115 9245517 option 1, or, when signed into an administrator account, using the “chat” link.

When logged in you can also access the help centre directly from the left-hand menu.

3. What documentation is required?

Initially, new MSAs need to complete, sign and forward the declaration (Administration Access Agreement) to John Lennard for registration. At the previous MSA meeting in May 2018, we agreed MSAs should sign the declaration (Administration Access Agreement) annually. John L retains copies of our agreements.

      Please click on the links below for supplementary guidance regarding the following:

      4. Action List

      5. Housekeeping

      6. Lead Coordinator Actions 




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